Books and Most Fees Included in Fall Tuition

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Books, Student Fee, Tech Fee. All included in tuition. See Details.>>

Tuition Now Includes Books & Most Fees

Ocean County College is always looking for ways to make our students’ lives easier. Recently, we made some significant changes to the way you pay for tuition, fees, and books. Starting in the fall 2020 semester, we are bundling books and electronic course materials, as well as college and student fees, into the total cost of tuition. Not only will you no longer pay for books separately, the Student Fee, Tech Fee, IMAT, and registration fee have all been eliminated!

Our new tuition structure will save you a significant amount of time, money, and energy. You no longer need to search for and purchase course materials; we will do it for you. You will get the exact books you need, when you need them, as determined by our faculty. Barnes & Noble will work closely with us to provide a low-cost version of the book for each course. For some courses that will mean book rentals, and for others, e-books. Faculty members will be informed of the version provided for their courses, and e-learning courses will, as always, be furnished with electronic materials in Canvas.

By rolling books into your tuition, you will save money. In the fall of 2019, the average full- time OCC student taking 15 credits paid between $563.25 and $677.38 for books and electronic course material. Under the new model, you will pay $298 — a savings of more than 50%. The cost of books will be rolled into tuition, so you will not have to pay a separate fee. Bundling books into tuition can also benefit you in the form of a boost to your financial aid. If you are a NJ STARS student, or receive other forms of tuition support that cover tuition but not fees, our new tuition structure may further reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

This new approach also ensures you will have the adopted book or material available to you on the first day of class. Having all your textbooks on day one will improve your academic experience and allow faculty to set the pace of the course knowing that all students have the required materials ready to go.

You will benefit from the increased transparency and simplicity of your bills as well. By bundling course books, materials, and most fees into tuition, OCC is making it easier for you to quickly understand the real price you are paying for a college education.