CircleIn is LIVE!

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Beginning Monday, January 25, students enrolled in remote, face-to-face courses will have access to CircleIn. Details >>

Dear OCC Community,

Beginning, Monday, January 25, students enrolled in remote, face-to-face courses will have access to CircleIn. CircleIn is an easy to use web and mobile studying app that is backed by a National Science Foundation grant. Students compete for points by helping each other study and get organized. What happens when your brightest minds step up to help? Less work for you!

On CircleIn, students can study remotely, collaborate with their classmates and stay productive. Students earn points for different “study actions” and then the top earners get to cash out those points for gift cards and can become eligible to win scholarships!

This digital platform offers a variety of study features like creating flashcards, sharing notes, asking questions, group discussions, and study halls through our group chat. It also has features like “Learn Mode”, which lets students create a quiz with flashcard decks they have made. It also has productivity tools like “Workflow,” to help students stay organized and productive. CircleIn is a great tool for students to connect with one another. And, the only thing that you have to do is tell students about it and encourage them to use it!

Here is a link to your CircleIn Faculty Hub:

This hub contains a variety of awareness resources and best practices to help instructors announce CircleIn to students.

Attached please find a welcome guide and the presentation slides from the CircleIn workshop that we hosted on 1/19/21:

Slides for CircleIn Institutes

Student Welcome Guide

If you have any questions, need support, or want to request additional information, here is a link to the CircleIn Support Form: Link. Or, you may send an email to me, Brianna DeCicco (

Thank you all for your hard work ensuring the success of our students! I look forward to assisting you to learn more about how CircleIn helps our students excel in their classes!

Brianna DeCicco, M.A.
Associate Director, Academic & Tutoring Support Services