Fall 2020 Waitlist is available for select courses!

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For Fall 2020 Registration, Waitlist is available for select courses. In Student Planning, a Waitlist button will appear if the closed section has this option. Students who choose the Waitlist option are added on a first come, first serve basis. If a seat becomes available, students will receive an e-mail to their OCC e-mail account. Students have 48 hours to self-register for the class and will be removed from the Waitlist if they do not register for the class by the expiration date provided in the e-mail.

Please keep in mind when choosing to be placed on a Waitlist:

  • Students who place themselves on a Waitlist should monitor their OCC e-mail. If the student receives the e-mail and does not register before the expiration date, they will have to place themselves on the Waitlist again.
  • If a student has a financial hold or has not met pre-requisites, the system will still block registration, regardless of being on a Waitlist.
  • Students will not be charged for being on a Waitlist.
  • Students can add themselves to Waitlists for more than one course.

Contact the HUB with any registration or Waitlist questions at HUB@ocean.edu or 732-255-0482