Spring Semester 2022 COVID 19 Testing Requirement

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In order to strengthen protections against the spread of COVID-19 on campus, including the Delta variant, Ocean County College is implementing a testing requirement. Starting in the spring 2022 semester, all students, faculty, and staff who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 must be tested on a weekly basis. Any student who has not submitted proof of vaccination prior to the start of the spring semester on January 24, 2022 will be treated as unvaccinated. Students who study exclusively online or take courses only at their high school will be excluded.

As you may know, a free testing site has been successfully operating on campus since the beginning of the fall semester. This operation will be expanded and students will also have the option of being tested elsewhere at their own expense. Students under the age of 18 will be required to upload parental consent in order to be tested at OCC.

A new system will be put in place to securely store proof of vaccination, test results and verify proof of vaccination. When that system is available, students will be provided with instructions on how to upload their documents. Results from tests performed on the OCC campus will be automatically uploaded to the system.

Unvaccinated students who do not fulfill their responsibility to meet the weekly testing requirement will be subject to disciplinary process detailed in the Student Code of Conduct. For more information about the Student Code of Conduct please consult the Ocean County College Student Handbook.

This decision is consistent with scientific data indicating that vaccination and testing requirements, coupled with strong masking policies, are the best tools for keeping our campus safe. In the coming weeks, more specific procedures will be distributed detailing how the testing and compliance processes will function. Instructions for students who test positive due to the presence of antibodies from a previous COVID-19 infection will also be provided. In the meantime, refer to the OCC Return to Campus page at Returning In-person to Campus | OCC Covid-19 Information for information regarding OCC’s COVID-19 response.

Jon H. Larson, Ph.D.